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Drawing of woman
Drawing of woman  

Signature from drawing
Signature from drawing  
I purchased this at an estate sale.  There is no information and I do not see any other Degas that look at all like this online.  It is on regular paper and I believe it is oil pastel as you can feel a slight raise from the paper. There are some areas on the paper that have tears, but not close to the portrait. The man whose estate this was just passed away at age 94.  Thanks for your help!

Dear Paula,

Unfortunately the only ones who can answer your questions regarding your Degas are the recognized Degas experts who are considered to be Théodore Reff and Sylvie Brame. I'm not sure how either of their processes work, but I believe if you initially email them the background information and high-def photos of your Degas one of them should respond to you and be able to assist you.  Théodore Reff can be emailed at and Sylvie Brame at

Hopefully that helps and best of luck. Andrew Evans

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