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We found a framed picture among my mother in law's thing. It is an engraving on resin of a ship at sea.
 The label on the back bears the name Royal Art, LTD in Chatsworth Ca.their is a registration # and a certificate of authenticity.  Artist is unknown but the cert is signed by M. Mott. Can you tell me anything about this type of engraving? Thank you

Dear Debra,

I did some searching and Royal Art, LTD was known for low end affordable art, and as they are no longer in business you unfortunately will not be able to find them or the M. Mott who worked for them. In regards to the engraving on resin, please find my brief and simple explanation on the process below, and there is also a wonderful source regarding Intaglio Printing here if you want to learn more as that is what your medium falls under:

The engraving process is completed when lines are indented onto a highly polished metal plate by means of a sharp-pointed instrument that is diamond-shaped into cross sections (called a graver). The tool digs in, cutting a groove onto the metal plate, and as the graver is held in a fixed position, to produce a curved line, the plate itself is turned. After achieving the desired image on the metal plate, the ink is then applied to the now recessed areas of the plate and the paper is then pressed onto the plate and receives the ink from those cut marks.

Resin is a bit rare in an engraving so for the resin to appear there could be two ways it mixed with the engraving. The first is in the engraving process. Once the metal plate was completed the artist could have scattered resin or bitumen grain over it, which was popular in other print mediums as it gave the work an added texture. The second way your work could feature resin, is that resin is usually used as a thin protective and aesthetic coating on a work of art.

With your particular engraving I am not sure which resin explanation applies, but that hopefully gives you the information you asked about your type of engraving. Andrew Evans  

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