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The Painting  
I inherited this small but well done water color.  The artist is Anna L. Wyatt.  The painting came from an old farm house my In-laws bought in Ohio years ago and it was filled with antiques.  I can not find anything on this artist.  Can you help?  Under some glue it has the markings- B  11x13  74?  - 1310.

Thank you!

Dear Annette,

Unfortunately I am unable to assist you completely as Anna L. Wyatt did not bring anything back in my research and the image did not return anything in my database of help. This style of realism is outside of my knowledge range but Anna L. Wyatt could possibly have been a local artist from Ohio who sold at fairs or in local stores and is therefore not known or recognized in the greater art community. I can tell you in regards to the writing that the pencil marks are for framing purposes and actually read 11x13 3/4, which would be how large the individual and/or artist wanted the frame to be. And the 1310 is in reference to the individual and/or artist's choice of frame that they wanted on the work. Professional framers do not mark on the actual artwork anymore so this could be from the 70's or 80's. That's everything I could come up with so hopefully it helped you out a little. Thank you for your question. Andrew Evans  

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