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Magnolia 33,62
Magnolia 33,62  

Magnolia 62
Magnolia 62  
I have these two prints that were produced in vanguard Studios Pacoima California and one of them looks like it is signed by Rand just the first name  on the back near the inspectors stamp. These framed prints are 40" x 35" it looks as though they are from July 8 93. They have frame that looks like stone with gold beige swirl and beige matting and green matting. I have only found one similar picture on eBay that is smaller and has a different matting and frame. They have it listed at $299.99. I cannot find anything else similar online.

I am just curious of the value.


Dear Diana,

Vanguard Studios was founded by an artist named Lee Reynolds Burr and represents a business venture that was formed in the sixties to create affordable oil paintings for the masses. Values on the work produced from them is decorative and depends on the quality of technique and the desirability of the subject matter. This means the works are worth what someone is willing to pay for them as
they are not considered orinigal works of art on the art market but rather high-quality reproductions. I hope this information is helpful. Andrew Evans  

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