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Moshe Gat Original
Moshe Gat Original  
I am trying to sell an original 20" x 28" Moshe Gat painting. I have been told by Dumochelle's Gallery in Detroit that there is little to no market for this. I have also found online at a comparable painting listed for $2,650.00. What am I to believe and how can I sell this painting?

Dear Harold,

I am unfamiliar with Moshe Gat, but in doing research his work is not particularly active on the secondary market at this time. I checked the listed auctions, along with RoGallery, and his works have simply not sold. His prints seem to sell for at best $50 and I could not find a recent original recent work that sold, so I would believe DuMochelle's. As there is not a market right now for his works, and you do not want to sell it yourself, you can contact a gallery that features his works and either consign the work or sell it directly to them if they are open to purchasing it. Other than that I am not sure if an auction house will take it but that is also an option. Best of luck. Andrew Evans  

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