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Good afternoon, Mr. Evans, I hope you are having a great day so far ! I do have several questions about things that I have inherited when a relative passed away. Due to lack of space, I am hoping you can direct me to where I may get answers on various mediums of art! The first is that I have several pieces of Edgecomb pottery that was bought in the early '80s and also some pottery that I cannot make out the signature, (through MANY hours, days, months of research). I am hoping to find the value of these pieces. Secondly, I also inherited a beautiful framed & signed print (?) of Graham Lavalin's. I believe it is called Homeward Bound. I have looked incessantly for his email--and am aware that many folks are interested in obtaining this beautiful print (?). Lastly, my folks lived in Venezuela for 24 yrs back in 1950s-1974 and I have a beautiful round "rug" wall art from an artist, Luis Monteil. He was a Guajiro indian and his work is always signed "Luis". The colors are so vivid and it measures approx 30" in diameter. Where might I go for valuation on this piece?
Thank you so very kindly for taking the time to read my question. I am excitedly awaiting answers so that I may sell some of these beauties! Kindest regards! S

Dear Susan,

For the varied amount of works you have I would suggest contacting an auction house to get the values as they have experts in a bevy of categories who will be able to assist you and it will  make the process easier as you only have place to contact. Otherwise I can suggest contacting galleries you find online that sell works by the artist's you know and seeing if they will assist you in a value. Best of luck, Andrew Evans  

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