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Girl and Daughter
Girl and Daughter  

Dear D. E. Lombardo,

I am trying to figure out who painted this work of art. It is a rather large oil painting with the signature "Franklin". It is on canvas/linen and it looks like an older piece.

I really don't know who the artist could be as it is such a common last name. But to me it is such a beautiful painting. Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated, to learn about the artist and see their other paintings.

Thank you for your time,

Hello and thank you, for the very good quality image of the painting.

I can perhaps, shed some light as to the background of this painting, but unfortunately not concerning the artist.
Using all of my resources available, I am unable to find any auction records for an artist with the name of >>Franklin<< who might possibly, just  be the artist in question.
This is not unusual, as sometimes a great number works are only supplied with a vague monogram, or a rather “squidgy” rushed signature, or even -  no signature at all.

This painting appears to be on canvas, and is probably executed in oil.
If this picture is in fact an original - and not a reproduction, then it has been executed in the period of roughly, 1910 -1920.
However, the gilt frame, is almost certainly not the original picture frame which belongs to this particular painting, but is a much later reproduction.

It carries all of the general hallmarks of the “  La Belle Époque period, 1870-1914,” which in the USA - is often referred to as the Gilded Age.
The  whole  setup of the iconography, all points to the prevailing moral, political and social  thoughts of this period.
This work is  partly  a reminder of the idyllic past( pre  -1914) and it  also,  partly an escape from  the  ugly madness of 1914 -1918.

It is a rather unpleasant reminder even today, of yellow ribbons on trees - and the uneasy question -  if  all -  is  it really  quiet on the front lines?
The greenhouse setting is a reminder of the more pleasanter things in life, of cars, telephones, and the whole explosion of  modern technology all around - at that time.
Humans can both create and master technology, perhaps even conquer nature itself - but can mankind also control everything, once it has been invented?

In fact, Walt  Disney  uses this theme in his 1940’s  Fantasia film, with Mickey Mouse - as the  rather dreamy,  but  >> out of control <<   Sourceres Apprentice.
However, the painting of yours is that of  a  scene with a well dressed and educated woman,  who is also a mother with her child, and standing inside a  warm greenhouse with a superficial abundance in a inquisitive and  carefree >>life<< - also  in the shape of  dahlias and many other plants, but this begs the question of what occurs when  -  “Alecta Iacta Est” takes place ( the die is cast)…..?????

So, the  very foundations of the  >> American  West<< along with all of its many  institutions, from tea party, to the bill of rights and the profound wisdom of Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg, are all encompassed in a  solitary woman, together with her child -  who are  kept  safe inside - while  admiring the vegetation a tropical hothouse, made of modern  cast iron and sheet glass.

However, the song of “when Johnny comes marching home”…is  as yet,  unfinished in this painting.
In 1914-18,  during that particular >>shooting party<<  it took the prime of youth from a whole generation, be you the son of a wealthy  senator, or that of  a humble  carpenter – because the use  modern technology made no difference,  to the dreaded  reaper -  because  his  >> ancient scythe<<  now included  both mustard gas, and airplanes, to name but a few items.

Considering the all of  options, and reality at that time in history, begs the question of  which normal person would  not prefer to go inside  a  nice  fragrant and  warm greenhouse, in order to take just  1O minutes of  private dreamy  escapism - from the worries and reality  of that time?
After all, it was the then belief in all modern technology which gave  mankind so much, but also  -  via the receiving of a dreaded telegram, it  could also shatter some precious dreams  about the future.

The  artistic quality of the  provided image is very good indeed, and this is most definitely  no “yard sale” type of  object.
It quite obviously needs much more research, and also  a number of forensic questions  all need to be answered - by various tests.
However, at least you have made  a start on the  road - to finding  all of the right answers.

So I wish very good luck in your quest,  as the painting requires a lot of real time >>hands on<<  investigations, in order to fully do justice, to the work as a whole.
Take care, and very good luck.

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