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Picasso Carmen Suite lithograph 1
Picasso Carmen Suite l  

Picasso Carmen Suite lithograph  2
Picasso Carmen Suite l  
Hello Andrew-

I purchased the attached lithograph at a charity art auction in Omaha, NE in 1970.
It was listed as a signed artist's proof  lithograph from Picasso's Carmen Suite circa 1949.
My question is whether it is authentic or not.

The rectangle in the print is 7 1/8" W x 8 5/8" H. I had it matted and framed many years ago
and do not know the actual paper size but if this is important, I could probably take it out.
It was photographed in its clear glass frame so there are slight reflections in the image but
the exposed face of the print under the matte is unblemished.

Thank you for any help you may provide.



Dear Marshall,

The signature appears on point, however in doing research on the "Carmen Suite" it involves engravings with the below information listed:

320 portfolios of "Carmen" were published by La Bibliothèque Française (Paris, 1948). Of those portfolios, there were 189 on Montval numbered 1-189, 11 on imperial Japan containing a separate suite on grayish China paper printed from the dated plates, and 20 HC on Montval.  

That's not to say lithographs weren't created in the process, but I would suggest contacting this gallery below who specializes in Picasso works on paper, such as Picasso lithographs, and will be able to tell you as they have access to resources that I do not:
Masterworks Fine Art ( and their email for inquiries is . Best of luck. Andrew Evans

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