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Bowl of Cherries of Le Grande
Bowl of Cherries of Le  
I have this print.  It is signed and numbered 345/500.  It also has the Roman Numberal 2 in front of the number. I'd like to sell it but have no idea what it's worth.  Can you help me out with it's worth and also where I might sell it?  Thank you so much for your time.

Lou Kambanis

Dear Lou,

The edition of 500 that you own of "Le Grand Bouquet" is unfortunately signed in the plate (where the artist signs the printing plate from which the print is made which is why the facsimile signature appears) which means it is not hand-signed by the artist and therefore has no market value. It has not sold at auction so I cannot give you a value, but my best guess would be what someone is willing to pay for a nice reproduction. Hopefully that helps, Andrew Evans.  

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