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when will we marry
when will we marry  
when will we marry
when will we marry  
QUESTION: im trying to find out who e s  herrmann was or is i have this beatigul print on the back of print it has 1/17 and i think a very faint signiture but on the cardboardy stuff that hold the print in frame on the inside has like 4 finger prints bit chalky. the print is of when willwe marry tahiti , the print i thinks different than modern day ones as it has a tear in the one thats in the book in the museum . this has that to show ?

ANSWER: Dear Margaret,

As far as I can tell from my research E. S. Herrmann is the name of the publisher in New York who produced the print that you own. Publisher's are companies or individuals who get paid money to reproduce famous paintings in various paper formats. So what you have is a reproduction of Paul Gauguin's "When Will You Marry?" (1892) . Andrew Evans

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QUESTION: So do u think I'm right Andrew in thinking that this was a print from  1930  s as bonhams said  and slightly more valuable than the new ones on eBay , the guys that did the reproduction will they have had the original print as there were 17 and I read Gauguin sold the original print s as he had no money ? Many thanks and hi five for that answer x


If you took the work to Bonham's and they gave you information then I would listen to them. I am unfamiliar with Gauguin's prints so I cannot speak to the authenticity of yours being from 1930 or not, or what the value of the work is, but Bonham's is a reputable auction house with experts who know their stuff so I would take their information. Andrew Evans  

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