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I read your response on the authenticity of the piece. I also have a copy. It does seem to be a water color that is signed in a old black frame. With a square typed paper glued to the back with name date and artist. The reason I still question it after reading your response is that this looks like it got a little bit of water on it which altered some of the grey background. Would a lithograph do this? I also see brush strokes that are layered. Where could I take this to find out if it is the original on the west coast? Thanks for your time.

Dear Diane,

Yes, water would affect the Catalda reproduction image as it is printed, however layered brush strokes would not be visible in such a reproduction given the mechanical nature of the printing. If you wanted to find out the cost of the work, which would include some sort of authenticity, I would suggest taking it to a local auction house on a free evaluation day as they have a bevy of experts or to an antiques shop. However to sell the work as an authentic Picasso given the nature of the copies, you would need to get it authenticated by one of the two people below. Best of luck. Andrew Evans

Claude Picasso
T: +33 (0)1 47 03 69 70

Diana Widmaier Picasso | DWP Editions
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