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I have brought the 'print' to a local conservator to do his best( within my financial limits) to prolong and protect what I believe to be a piece by Anton Mauve. I do not, now, have any photos to forward, but I can get some this next week, as you deem them needed.
My scenario, the piece, involves these points...the piece has been in my family for at least 50 years, as I remember seeing it growing up. The piece has what very closely resembles the signature of Mauve (per my internet research). However, there are other 'marks". In the piece, within the artwork, at the bottom-left side is some kind of title(?) seems to be the word 'doxology'. Under the actual art-work of the piece, on the left/bottom is a small head-bust-characture (sp) which also resembles what Anton Mauve likeness seems, in internet-found pictures (?) of him. Lastly, there is another 'signature' (?) to the lower right corner, outside of the actual artwork of the piece.
Someone has suggested this to be a 'print', where the printer has added his own flourishes to the piece.
Would it be common to have done this, that long ago?
Would it mean that this piece is a 'copy' of an existing painting, which I could find the match for (not expecting to purchase, of course)?
Would it mean that this piece is a only one of a few/many (it is NOT numbered anywhere), which also would mean that there would be a match elsewhere, meaning probably on internet search?
Is it likely this is some kind of Original?
Without pics, I understand you are very limited about MY particular piece. It is a dark piece, of a herd of sheep, a shepherd and a dog, traversing in front of a large row of dense/tall trees. I have found pics of SIMILAR Mauve pieces, but not this piece.
Is there a Collection, of sorts, of pictures of Mauve works?

I greatly appreciate your interest and any assistance, to help me better understand what the value (not money) is of the piece I have inherited.

Thank you,
Charles del Marmol

Dear Charles,

I am unfamiliar with Mauve's artwork so I cannot help you in regards to your specific questions about him, but in regards to your questions about prints please find some answers below:

Printers during that time usually worked in conjunction with the artist of the original painting. Prints were created to make the artwork more accessible to everyday people and have the artists work disseminated to the broadest possible range so that people would become interested in their original works.

Prints exist in multiples. So if yours is a print then it is not the only one. Numbering prints during that time period was uncommon, so that fact that yours has no number makes no difference. It was common in the prints to have the artist, printer, and publisher names or monograms located within the prints, which sounds like what your describing. If the word 'doxology' is printed on the work then it is a print as the artist would not be able to render such a mechanical note in a painting during that time.

'Doxology' is a term for a short hymn of praises so the portrayal is biblical which was a very common theme for people in Europe to have in their households during the time period. Prints from that time period depending on the condition certainly have value, you would just need to have the work appraised so you have a figure to work with. Hopefully the information helps. Andrew Evans.  

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