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Dear D. E. Lombardo,

I've owned this painting for awhile now. I could never figure out for the life of me the signature. The painting was done in '46 and appears to be gouache on heavier paper. It has an aged feel and is of a lovely scene but any help you could provide in telling me who this artist is, or where the style (country or origin is from) would be a great step in the right direction. I'm in Pennsylvania if that helps. Thank you for your time!


Hello and thank you for the  very good and clear images, of the  subject.
Yes, you are  most probably correct in the assumption that the painting is completed, in a mixed medium method.
As to the question of where the scene originates, the  best   indicator  would be  in England (U.K), probably  in either  the  county of Shropshire, or in the county of Somerset and quite  close to the “Somerset Levels”.

The present  titel of the work  being called  “riders chasing for sport with beagals”  will need to be adjusted, as  no  >> fox hunting<<  in England is  referred to  by that titel.
Traditional foxhunting  using horses  in the U.K.  -  even   in 2016, is   still referred to to  as riding using  “field hunters” and at the head of the  hunt  is the leader, who is commonly referred to as the  “Master of the hunt”  and who traditionally  - is wearing a bright red riding coat -  that is often referred to as a “pink”.

Conversely, a  >Beagel  hunt<   is  generally  used when  chasing hare’s and rabbits on foot,  and where the  tradition for the appropriate  hunting attire is  green, rather than red.
Even today, there are still  numerous etiquette guides and a  great many, rules that  govern the different hunting attires for the people involved,  but also  for the horses and the many complicated  rituals  of such activities.

So, in a roundabout kind of way, such things as  the Kentucky Derby, or Steeple Chasing by using horses that are required to jump diverse fences  and ditch obstacles – it  all  owes  much  of  its origins, to such activities  as Fox Hunting.

The title is a mystery,  and I suspect that  it might be deliberately  signed  in an incomprehensible  manner .  
However, throughout history this is by no means unusual,  as a great  many artists and others-  such as  various the  exotic names as are to be found in the infamous “Panama Papers”  have  all  quite deliberately  “doctored” their  real names, for various personal reasons.

More research, might break that particular “Da Vinci Code” and shed more light on the background of the painting.  A serious   amount of scientific research, would  indeed  give many  more answers, however the   financial costs involved, would  be prohibitive as compared to the present financial value of the painting .

Finally, you have a work illustrating a long forgotten  period in time, that is a bit like the popular  English T.V.  series  called “Downton Abby”.

As an afterthought, there are various caves in Spain and France, where  our ancient  ancestors once  lived, and on the walls are painted  a great many hunting scenes of people who are engaged, in chasing pre -historic animals.

As a painting genre, your own particular hunting image,  it is a more of a modern day decorators piece, and is  often used in bars, restaurants etc - to create a  suitable atmosphere.

Very good luck with any future  research and I hope that this information, will be  useful for you!

Take care.

Ps;The date of 46?
This is  just after the second world war.......

Perhaps the artist might have been  involved, during the the war effort?
The German Field Marshal  named "Rommel" who orchestrated the German beach defences in France, he also  recieved a nickname after his  service in North Africa - where he was called  by the allied forces - the  >>Desert Fox<<.

Perhaps the artist, in his dreams/nightmares -  is  also still hunting a different kind of  "fox" in this painting?

Be it Iraque, Afghanistan - or where ever,  "PTSD"  might be a  driving force for someone who had been in  North Africa,  or on the landing beaches at Normandy, on  that fatefull June day  of  1944.

It's also  rather odd, of having  a "foxhunting" scene done, just after  all the "carnage" and end of world war II, but also  combined  with  an unintelliglbe signature!

This  particular  and "foxy" old Engish  writer called  Shakespeare, he put it this way;"

Merrily, life is but a dream, and people are the "stuff" dreams are "made on"

(Shakespeare. In Act IV of The Tempest, when Prospero says;)  

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