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Hi.  Thanks for your response.  The portrait says Alex Androis on the top, so I know he is the
artist.  Is composite board similar to cardboard?
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Question -
Hi Daniel.  Went to a thrift store and found an interesting painting by Alex Androis. I think
painting is of a musketeer.  Did some research and couldn't find much info., but I saw someone
had and auction for an Alex Androis watercolor from 1788.  Don't know if mine is watercolor, oil,
etc., but it is painted on board.  On the back of the board it says, "Fair 183".  Can you give me
ANY info about this painting?  (Especially how much it's worth! :))  Thanks much.

Answer -
Dear Brittany, I find no listing anywhere for an Alex Androis. You are probably refering to Alexis
de Andreis (Belgian 19th/20th century). He was a painter of portraits and genre (cardinals,
cavaliers, etc.). As far as I can deduce he painted only in oils. If the painting you mention is on a
wooden panel then it is probably an oil. If it is on a composite board then it is probably a print.
His oil paintings have sold from $1,000 to $12,000, however at this time European genre
paintings are not popular, and his works are not selling well at all. Prints after his paintings
would be photomechanically reproduced, and only have decorative value.

Dear Brittany, A painting can be on canvas, wood panel, or composite board. Composite board is just about anything that is not canvas or wood. It can be compressed paper, compressed wood chips (like Masonite), and other materials refered to as artists' board, academy board, bristol board, etc.
I searched in all of the dictionaries of artists names and found no Alex Androis.

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