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Mr. Hynes
I purchased this painting several years ago. It was so dirty
that the only color I could see was brown.  Thinking that it was an amateur painting, I cleaned it to the best of my ability with an over the counter oil painting cleaner.  It started looking much better and I began to think that the painting was professionally done.
My question is whether you, the expert, think it was painted by a
known professional artist.  If so, could you suggest any possible names.  Any information would be helpful.
The painting is in it's original Victorian frame.
The size is 16" X 26".
I will e-mail photos of the front and back to
Thankyou Again,

Fred, The painting exhibits very good quality, but you may have ruined it with cleaning. Can you take it out of the frame and send me several different images, including close-ups (use your macro setting), and reduce the size of your jpegs, not so damn large.

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