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Hi Alison,
Really generally... I'd like to know some basic history of Greek Vase Painting. What belef systems influenced their work. Why depict these influences in the ways they have?

Quite basic questions.

I'm having trouble finding resources on the net. Perhaps I'm not using the right keywords.

If you could, I'd appreciate some net links which might guide me in my question.

FOLLOW UP: Were you not able to find the information via the URLs here?  If not, the search terms you need to use are Kalyx Krater Greek Vase  and
Glyptothek Greek Vase

I'm sorry you were disappointed in my answer.  It is really beyond the scope of anything I could sit here and type out for you: you need to study Greek philosophy and society and history to really understand all the canons involved in these.

I went to Thomas Hoving's Art for Dummies and got the names of two exemplary vases, typed them in, and got a lot of good search results.

The two search results (URLs of the results pages) are:

Thank you for asking.

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