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I have an art book titled "The Original Water Color Paintings"  by John James Audubon for The Birds of America

The inside of the book says:
Reproduced in color from the collection at The New York Historical Society

Original Edition published by American Heritage Publishing Co.
Distributed by Crown Publishers

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 66-17926

ISBN: 0-517-06736-6

Hi, This book was given to us a while back.  We do not have use for it, but I was wondering if it was worth anything (besides the beautiful pictures & knowledge)!!
I would hate to sell it at a garage sale if it would be of value to someone.
Any help would be appreciated.  
Thank you!
Cheryl Murn

Go to to sell it.  The lowest price is $31.50, so if you list it at $25 - $29, you would be the first to sell it.

Also, you could list it as "Like New" and list it at about $50, which would still be lower than the ones listed as very good.  You could even list it higher than that.

I sell a lot of books on -- sometimes it takes a while, as people have to be looking for what they want, but if your price and condition are best, you'll be the first to sell it.

Here is the listing page for your book so you can see.  Up on the right is a link "sell yours now:"

Bear in mind that you will have to insure the book also, as it is a big ticket book.  When you mail it, be sure to purchase delivery confirmation ($0.55) and insurance ($1.30 up to $50, a little more for more). gives you some money for postage (usually comes short a few pennies of media mail with delivery confirmation, but that's fine).  They take a modest sales percentage and don't charge you for listing, so it's a nice service.  About 2-3 weeks after the sale, they direct deposit to your account (usu checking acct).  It is secure so don't worry about sharing your bank info with them.

Alternatively, you could list it for auction on ebay, starting at $32.50 and see what you get, but if you're not in a hurry, is a good way to go.

Thank you for asking.

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