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Mr. Hynes,
My father was a good friend of Charlie Rogers, an artist from Ellsworth KS. We own 3 pieces of his work that are signed with personal messages on the back of each. We have one watercolor, one oil, and one pen and ink. I am trying to set some value on them for insurance purposes, etc. I understand that this is rather vague information, but I don't want to waste your time with long involved descriptions. If you can give me some information as to what I need to do to get an appraisal I wiould sincerely appreciate it. If you can do this for me, I will take pictures of them and send them to you. Thank you for your time and help, Julie Nelson

Dear Julie, An appraisal for insurance would be the replacement value for your works of art. This is usually based on public auction records. Although Charles B. Rogers has an impressive biography and credentials, I find no auction records at any of the 70 or 80 leading auction houses in the U.S. Although he exhibited widely, it seems from the lack of art by him on the market that he was not commercially minded.
If you will send an email to my address I will put you in touch with an excellent appraiser, an associate of mine for 35 years. As a favor to me I believe he will assist gratis.

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