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I'm  looking for assistance in identifying this artwork.  It has been in the family for 2-3 generations and was purchased, at auction I believe, from an English Lord in Jamaica.  Where it came from before that is a mystery.  Below are links to the painting, frame is original, and a close up of the signature, which is faded to a point of being almost unidentifyable.

Any assistance in identifying artist, painting, style and/or region would be great.  I belive it is oil on canvas.  Or... pointing me in the direction of someone that would be able to identify it.

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Dear Shawn, From style, period, and subject the painting is most likely British. I tweaked-around with the signature, it appears to be "Williamson, 1809". This could possibly be the artist Samuel Williamson born in Liverpool 1792, died 1840. In this event he would have been only 17 years old when your painting was executed, but not out of the question. His father John was a portrait painter, so Samuel probably learned his craft early, and your painting has a little stiffness or immaturity to it. Also the majority of British marine painters did come from Liverpool.
I believe the quality and history of your painting qualifies it for cleaning by a good painting conservator. You should also contact the Walker Gallery in Liverpool send them a series of photos: front, back, close-ups, signature, any inscriptions or labels, etc. They may be able to give you more information.

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