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About te years ago i was given two pieces by my grandfather. He said the were painted in the 1860 period. Both drawings are of castels and the backing of one is actually old news paper from that error,,, it appears. The signatures on the bottom of one is two names, V.C. Finlayson and Wesley Jean Cottes. I had forgot i had these untill i was cleaning out my attic and found,,, are these of any value?
In the research I've just done in the who's who from the era you've denoted, there are not artists by those names.  There are quite a few Finlaysons who were artists, but none with a first name that started with a V.

Also, no auction records with either artist name in all of the auction resources I've checked.  There is an auction record from the 80s of a Christopher Finlayson that resulted in a $250 sale.  The artist, however, is from the 20th century.

I would guess, that if you can come up with a bio of either of artist, you could sell them in the $2000 range (maybe more, maybe much less).  No bio -- it really depends.

Without having seen them however, the value would entirely depend on how 'good lookin' each piece is.  I wouldn't expect more than $1000 per piece w/ the info provided.

Best of luck.

if i take a pic of them would you be interested in looking at them? If so where can i send pics?

actually... i take that back.  The info you've provided is enough and even if I see images, i won't be able to help.  What would help is provenance.  Given the information you've given, I cannot help further.

I would suggest researching the Finlayson last name and trying to learn if Cottes is infact the name on the second piece and researching those names at your local library.

Best of luck,

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