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My wife as an oil painting on canvas. The size is 24 inches X 40 inches . It is a landscape painting of a river and riverbank and trees, as far as we know it was painted with only one or two colors. The artist name is difficult to read. The Artist name looks like ( Servays ) or (Servoys) or (Servay) or (Servoy) or (Serva) or (Servo) This  painting was purchased in the 1940's either in around Winsor Ontario or Europe. If you have any information on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.

   Yours truly Roger & Louise
Answer -
Dear Roger & Louise, The closest listing I find with similarity to the various spellings is the Belgian artist, Albert Servaes (1883-1966). He was a painter of genre, landscape,industrial, and farm scenes. If this is your artist he is rather important.

As far as we can tell He may be the artist you are reffering too. If we take digital pictures of the painting and send them to you would it be possible for you to make have a better idea of this painting.

Thank You

Roger & Louise

Dear Roger & Louise, I can't promise I will be able to identify it, but you can send jpg images (please keep them under 100kb each, and make the subject line allexperts so I do not bounce your email as spam). An image of the complete painting, one of the back, and one of the signature area would be good.
Thanks for your nice comments,

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