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Mine is listed as:  "Signed in pencil.  Also, signed in the plate and dated '14.8.58'".  Gee, just before I was born.  I believe there is a black, a blue and a yellow.  I'm enclosing a link from ebay with includes the very same provenance documents with the correct picture on Mr. Isen's certification of course.  My edition is "AP original artist proof aside from the numbered edition of 100"

Thanks so much for your speedy response.  Much appreciated!
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I have recently purchased an artist's proof of Picasso's Jacqueline (Blue) with documentation that seems pretty common and and 'official' certificatio by Nathan Daniel Isen.  Not sure who Nathan Isen is and worried that he, like me or you or anyone else, can print out a certificate with a blue border and call something 'certified' genuine.  Lord I hope so but I'm loath to find many credentials on Mr. Isen himself and am wondering what worth his name is and if I have 'the real deal'.  Help!  It does say that this is an original artist's proof aside from the numbered edition of 100 of this lithograph.
Chrissy--Mr. Isen's name has been mentioned in a number of inquiries I have received.  The fact that I have never heard of him does not mean he is not 'the real deal,' simply that I can't attest to it.  As for the piece, I did not find Jacqueline [Blue] in my catalog raisonee of all Picasso original lithographs.  More info. might help.  There should be a date in the image [backwards]--probably sometime in 1957-58, which could help my research.  All the portraits of her in the catalog are in black and white, and none have the word 'blue' in the title.  For that matter, none of the images were pulled in editions larger than 50.  Send me the date.  Alan Klevit.

Chrissy--It's a great image.  However, it is NOT in the Mourlot Catalog.  That could mean that it is a lithograph edition created 'after' [known as a 'd'apres'] an original painting or linoleum cut or drawing.  A clue that could be the case is his signature in the plate, a bit unusual for him.  It is probably okay, although I'm not sure about value.  I sure wish it had a Mourlot Cat. # or Bloch Cat. #.  I belong to an Art Search Service that shows international auction results, and lots of Jacqueline pieces showed up the last few years.  Not this one.  You could call Sotheby's and get their perspective, since they sell thousands of Picasso prints a year.  Another place is Christie's.  If you do so, feel free to keep me in the loop.  Sorry I can't be more definitive, but I am VERY conservative in this matters.  Good luck.  Alan Klevit.

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