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I recently picked up 3 oil paintings on wood. 1 is approx. 47"x24" and is of a suspension bridge with the back drop of a City skyline in the background.  The second is 12"x12" and similar to the large one kind of like a night scene from a similar view point.  The third is also 12"x12" and is of a farm house and a stream.

Did Ashbrook ever paint anything of this nature?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Donald, I answered your question previously, but somehow it did not reach you. It seems there are numerous commercial paintings around by an artist named Ashbrook. None of the images I have been sent through "allexperts" have proved to be by Paul Ashbrook (1867-1949), who painted almost exclusively landscapes.
I cannot give an opinion on your paintings without seeing images. You can send jpg images to my email  Images of the front and back would be best, also close-ups of any labels and signatures. Make your subject line "allexperts" so I do not bounce you as spam.

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