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The reasons I believe I might have an original of this painting. As of my knowledge the painting of Paul Peel's "After the Bath" evolved from a carefully composed photograph which he painted in 1890. The painting I have and why I think it's an original, was done in 1883 or 1885 that is what the old hardware clips say on the back of the frame. I cannot understand what the artist name reads. I do believe it is french. The name reads Entzeaz or Entzejz also might be Entzeoz. The painting is very old and does need to be restored. It's very dark in color now. I acquired this painting from my now deceased mother who I loved dearly. My mother used to own her own art gallery and had a keen eye for paintings. She always told me if there was ever a fire "grab that painting". My Mother Sonja got the painting from her great great grandparents which I believe acquired it from Henry and Sophia Slack which were her great, great, great grandparents. Henry was born in 1824 and died in 1908. Sophia was born 1828 and lived to 1903. They both grew up in Perth, Ontario, Canada. They then traveled west to America. Along there travels they became friends with Bob Love and Francis Rondello which Francis was French Canadian and where the city name Rondell came from. Bob Love and Francis owned a trading post and Bob spoke the red man language well. Their family history will take you back to there dealing with Indians known as "Sitting Bull" and "Iron Star". The Slacks extensive and one of a kind family history is one that I'm happy to be related to. Our history even involves the Churchills. G.A. Churchill also owned a store where families got there merchandise. Sophia Slack was well known for becoming the first white woman to preside over a household in central James River Valley published in the Aberdeen Democrat 3-27-1903. The Slack family history was written by Mrs. Hattie Geary Slack Churchill shortly before her death.
The frame has 4 Frame Stretching Keys made by Aaron Draper Shattuck (1832-1928). American Artist. They are the first lot made by the Artist himself and given only to close friends and great  artists.

Entzesz or Ertcedz
Oil Painting done around 1883  

Dear Christin,
If you would like to send jpeg images to me please keep each image of a reasonable size (not too large), and send them as “attachments”, do not embed them in your email. If you are looking for identification or opinion regarding your painting best would be an image of the front (just the painting, don’t include your lovely living room or pick-up truck), the back (90% of respondents do not send me images of the back, I can obtain nearly as much information from the back as from the front), and close-ups of the signature, details of the brush-work, and any inscriptions or labels (use the macro setting on your camera for these close-ups). You can send this information to my email at and make your subject line “allexperts” so I do not bounce you as spam. It would be nice to receive feedback as I do this on my own time with no remuneration, free, no charge, nada. I do NOT research prints or artwork post-1940.

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