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QUESTION: Hello Mr Boon, I purchased this oil on canvas at a container auction of "Flemish" antiques. The owners of the gallery are Flemish and have contacts there for these container shipments. I can not read the signature and I was hoping that perhaps you have seen this signature and can identify the artist for me. Thank you for your time. I can send you an image of the complete painting if you wish.

ANSWER: Dear Sir,

I am sorry to say, but looking at the small photo I can't say which artist it is, but to my opinion I have to say that it is not a very correct and genuine painting.

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full painting
full painting  
QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt response. I'm not exactly sure of what you men by correct but this is the entire painting. Perhaps it will strike an accord with you but if not I fully understand. One again I thank you for your valuable time.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the photo of entire painting. I can just tell you that it is a decorative painting, but not of great value and atypical for Belgian art. Hopefully you didn't pay too much for it, worth 500 dollars max.


Christophe Boon

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