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Some time ago my husband and I purchased a picture by James M. Sessions(I believe it to be a watercolor) called Misty Morning(I learned the name of it over the internet). Do you know if someone owns the original? I really do not know if this is a print. It had a plate on the frame with a name of a museum on it(that I have misplaced). If it is a print would it have a number on it? Mine does not it is just signed with the name Sessions. It is aprox.20x19.5. Also I have a metal sculpture of a hummingbird taking nectar from a flower signed by Bijan. A card that came with this sculpture stated that Bijan did artwork personaly for Mr.Walt Disney and for Disney World. I purchased this at a yard sale and the people tod me that the lady they had bought it from some time ago saved all year to purchase one of Bijans works for herself every Christmas.I hope to hear back from you soon. Barb

Dear Barb, Sessions watercolors have always been very popular. Thousands and thousands of prints (photomechanical reproductions) were made as copies of his watercolors. You can find them in almost any resale shop in the country. They were well made and are difficult to differentiate from the original watercolors. As far as I recall these prints were not numbered. You will need a knowledgeable art dealer or auctioneer to physically examine your piece in order to determine what it is.
Regarding your sculpture, this is not in my area of expertise.

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