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If Caravaggio was so popular in Rome why did he choose to live and die in Malta

In 1606 Caravaggio killed a man in a duel, fled Rome, and settled in Naples, where he continued to paint religious works. Two years later he became a Knight of Malta, but was briefly imprisoned in Malta. He journeyed in Sicily and southern Italy.In 1610 Caravaggio was pardoned for the murder, but died of a fever shortly afterwards on his journey back to his beloved Rome.
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I have studied many aspects of art history but my main focus has been on Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods. My strengths lie in the work of Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael and Michealangelo.


I have spent years gathering and studying a large collection of books and documents relating to Italian art. I have also spent a large amount of time travelling to Florence, Rome and Venice to view specific paintings and sculptures.

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