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I bought a picture that I believe is a lithograph entitled "prelude to Winter" by Charles B Rogers for three bucks. I am wondering of the possible value of the lithograph. IT is not signed that I can tell. I can not find much information about this work.  

Is it this artist..

Charles B. Rogers

Internationally famous artist Charles B. Rogers was born Jan. 27, 1911, at Great Bend. The Shafer Gallery has composed the following biography from Great Bend Tribune and Hutchinson News stories about the artist:

As a child, he dreamed of becoming an artist. During his childhood, he had little encouragement to pursue his dream. He told a newspaper reporter in 1981: "I resented the fact that I had to figure out these things for myself."

After graduation from high school, he set out to visit the best art galleries in the United States. At age 25, he returned to Kansas overwhelmed by what he had seen and soon gathered his first eight years of art work and burned it. He maintained "... it takes 20, 30 years to learn about art.”

Rogers received a scholarship to the national Academy of Art in New York City. He later studied at Bethany College in Lindsborg, where he assisted world renowned artist Birger Sandzčn who was head of the art department. When Sandzčn decided to retire, Rogers, then a graduate and instructor, was chosen to succeed Sandzčn as head of the Bethany art department.

During World War II, Rogers was a member of the Coast Guard for four years. After the war, he studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts. Rogers then returned to Kansas, teaching at Bethany for six years. In the 1950s, after his stint at Bethany, he returned to California. Rogers returned to Kansas in 1968, and opened his studio/museum/gallery in the two-story American House hotel in downtown Ellsworth.

While still in California, Rogers became known as "The Kansan." He said in 1982, "... I think I've done some of my best work here. Nowhere else can you find the vistas you can get in Kansas. What happened after being in California all those years was that I got horizon hungry."

Rogers usually worked until midnight in his studio, always maintaining his belief that his only regret was “I won't live long enough to create some of the things I want to get done. That's why I work nights, to get some of it done. I'm going to keep on as long as I can wiggle." And he did just that.

He died Dec.10, 1987, at Salina with burial in Ellsworth Memorial Cemetery. The college’s permanent art collection and the C. E. Denman collection have 127 of Rogers’ works of art.  

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