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I have two original watercolor paintings that are signed "cobelle" that were bought from an estate sale. The former owner was a collector of original works of art, but I am unsure as to when they were painted. I have done some research and found that they match the style, medium, and signature of the late Charles Cobelle. I am unsure of how to determine the value of these two paintings and what steps I need to take to protect and preserve them for the future.

They are both 11 by 8 1/2 inches, watercolor, and signed in the lower middle on one, the lower right on the other. I have photos available of both, as well as close ups of the signatures, but I am having trouble attaching them to this question.

Thank you for your help!

Dear Ashley, Charles Cobelle (Fr.b.1902) was a painter of landscapes, Paris scenes, harbors, circus, etc. The most current prices I have for his watercolors are an 18 x 24 inches for $1100, and a 19 x 26 inches for $935. These were quoted from 2000. I doubt his works have risen a great deal in four years. The primary rule to protect watercolors is that they should be displayed in low lighting, especially no direct sunlight. You can also have them framed under UV glass which helps.

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