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We have an oil painting by Charles Verlat 1824-1890, it is of a small black dog with his front paws on what we take to be a French Brigadier Generals cap, in the top left hand corner there is a coat of arms and along the top of the painting is the name Bertrand, we have tried many times to find out more information about this picture eg who it was painted for and why, we have found that there was a French Brigadier General call Pierre Louis Bertrand in 1987, and he was a French Grenadier earlier in his military carear also the mascot of the French Grenadiers was a black dog called Moustache, could there be any connection?  did Verlat spend anytime with a family called Bertrand?  we are desperate to find out more, so even if you can only point us in a direction to find out more that would be great.  thank you  Suzanne

Dear Madam,

I only do expertise, so I can not tell you much about the history behind every painting. But I believe you searched in the right direction. You can send me a photo of your work and I can determine the authenticity and maybe some more info about you work if you please.

Kind Regards,

Christophe BOON

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