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QUESTION: I purchased a painting 3 years ago at a yard sale from an elderly woman who claimed to have had the painting for many years.  I would very much like to send you a picture of it.  At the moment I am very curious to find out what Continental Art is.  It is stamped on the back of the canvas along with other stamps which I assume custom clearings.  Can you please tell me what is continental art?  Is this for a group of travelling artists?  I thank you very much for your help.


ANSWER: Hello Chantal,  Continental Art most likely refers to the name of the company that sold the artwork or to the company that made the canvas and/or frame.  Please attach an image and describe the details of the work.  Thank you, Brent

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Continental Art oil painting
Continental Art oil pa  
QUESTION: Thank you for the quick response.  Please find enclosed the image of the oil painting.  The oil painting depicts a town or city with very colorful old buildings.  The people appear to be  maybe in the Victorian era.  The women are dressed in beautiful long dresses and the men dressed in long tail coats and top hats.  The painting is not smooth, it is very textured.  At the bottom right corner is signed in red Killy, not Kelly like it is written on the back.  The detail is great.  I hope I can enclose more than one photo of it.  

On the back of the canvas is stamped in black; Registry Number, which is left blank.  Artist, The name Kelly is hand printed in red ink pen.  Then Continental Art below it.  Above the Registry Number is the initials PAE in red ink.

I paid 20 dollars US.  In your opinion do you think it was a good investment?  I truly love the painting.

Chantel,  It is a factory painting produced only as a decorative work of art.  While it is not worth very much twenty dollars is a very small price to pay for something you truly love.  I always tell people to buy what they like - and you did!  Cheers, Brent

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