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Hi. I am a college student, and currently I am working on the assignment in my english composition class. I am being asked to "have a conversation with the painting" in the dialog form question/answer. How would you have a "conversation" with the following painting:
here is the link

If you like, you may choose any other painting.
Thank you very much for your time!

What are you doing?
We are blessing this baby

Why are you blessing the baby?
To make sure he is kept with God

Why is there an angel on the wall?
The angel is a good sign from God

Where is he being blessed?
Near a balcony.

Things like that I guess you want...?


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I work with all forms of art, but focus mainly on art from old objects, natural objects, I am an expert in natural art and have some connection with the famous natural artist Miles Davis, I work with bones, teeth, seeds and can create anything, but am working on pendants right now.


I have been making natural art for a while now and continue to get better from what Ive seen in my progress.

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