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I work for a TV show and we want to use prints by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Modigliani.  Do you know who we contact for permission to use these prints?  Any help you could give would be most appreciated.
Thanks sincerely.

Dear Kiley, I assume you are talking about using posters or reproductions of paintings by these artists for the purpose of decoration of an on air set, or to use them as visual examples for a discussion or some type of forum. The copyright would be held by whoever owns each work. Most paintings by the artists you indicate are located in museums. Contacting museums in Europe may be complicated, but there are many great examples by these artists in major U.S. museums (Art Institute of Chicago, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Metropolitan Museum, N.Y., etc.)If you are not selling the prints or posters, or obtaining financial gain I believe you can show them without permission. But, to be safe all you need to do is call the registrar at any of the major museums that have paintings by these artist. I am sure they would be delighted to have images of their paintings on air, and would probably send you posters or reproductions without cost. And crediting them on air I believe would give you great cooperation.  

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