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I have an etching in excellent shape by Dali.It is called "Galleries des beaux Arts" and was made by Dali in 1975. I have gotten conflicting info regarding my etching.  It appears to be penciled signed and an artist's proof- "A.E." is in the left hand corner also in pencil.  The back of the etching has the water mark "arche France."  I also checked and can confirm that there is no infinity mark next to the water mark.  Please help- I don't really know what I have.  I got it from a relative who had it stored for over 10 years.

O.k.  I think i can point you in the right direction.  First, what gave you the impression that the title is 'galleries' des beaux arts and not 'academie' des beaux arts?  Do you have a COA with this information?

Is it this piece:
So the title is 'Academie des Beaux Arts' from '75.

I would have to do more research, but based on the research I've done I believe you're right -- it was created in '75, even though he didn't make it into the academy until '78.

In fact, you seem to know what you have.  Is it a fake?  Maybe... especially if it says 'AE' for artist proof as opposed to the more accurate french initials EA.  Dali was much known 10+ years ago for having many fakes floating around.  I doubt it is however... gut feeling.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
Best of luck,

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