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Alan- I am now looking at a Toulouse Lautre lithograph "Mademoiselle Marcelle Lender, En Buste", 'creation dates to 1865', copywrite by Muse'e D'Albee, France; pencil signed lower right not in block, with nonlegible writing in lower left. It is a color lithograph printed on 'thick museum paper' and block size is 11 3/4" X 9". Any chance this is a legitimite piece? Thanks  Michael
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Alan- Would you please tell me if the following is an original or cooperative lithograph? It is called "Royal Insect (Time is King)" and can purportedly be found in Fields 74-10-Q and is hand signed and numbered CLXXXII/CCL, and made in 1974.. Thanks ever so much for you information and help. Michael
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Alan- Thank you for your prompt reply. I have found some additional information re/ this lithograph "Earth Goddess". It supposedly is referenced on page 186 (80-5) in Fields book. Apparantly it is also at times called "The Chef". Please let me know if this additional infor is accurate. Thank you again for your help. Michael McDonald
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I am contemplating purchasing a Dali Lithograph from forgottentreasurez on  ebay called "Earth Goddess". I see many "hand signed and numbered in pencil" limited edition lithographs. This  is the only one claiming to be authenticated,dated, and signed by Albert Field. Is this likely to be authenitic? Would others not purported to be signed by Albert Field likely be authentic?
Many thanks for your time. Michael McDonald
Michael--Second question first:  plenty of great original signed & numbered pieces by Dali not signed by Dr. Field.  After all, pieces were in collections for 50 or more years.  First question:  I have just looked through my Dali Catalog compiled by Dr. Field, and there is no piece entitled "Earth Goddess."  Contact the seller for more info., if possible.  Good luck.  Alan Klevit

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I found the piece, Michael.  It is categoried under 'cooperative lithographs,' that is, it was created based on an existing gouache [unique], as opposed to an original lithograph not based on a painting.  It is legitimate, but would not have the value of a true original lithograph.  If you love it, buy it, but not for investment, as that is certainly not guaranteed for such pieces, in my opinion.  Good luck.
Michael--it is a cooperative lithograph, but there is an additional caveat:  In describing the piece [created as a four-sheet lithograph], Dr. Field refers the reader to the Guide in the back of the catalog, stating, "See Guide, Center Art Counterfeits."

I quote Albert Field from the Guide:  "Royal Insect.  Center Art [Galleries, Hawaii] produced a single-sheet lithograph with the image printed in reverse and with three forged signatures to resemble the ones on the four-sheet print.  The paper was not milled until after the date that Dali stopped signing prints on paper.  Any signature is a forgery."  End quote.

Even if the piece you are asking about is a 'good one,' in my opinion the pall that hangs over the edition makes it a dubious piece.  How do you know?  The good pieces suffer in value along with the bad.  I am not being critical of the seller, who, thirty-three years later, probably has no way of knowing for sure what the piece is.  Stay away.  Alan.  

Michael--Re the Lautrec:  no way I can tell by mail.  And may I say without offending you:  I am a volunteer on Ask the Expert, willing to donate a few hours a week to offer my insights and experience in the world of art.  I cannot be anyone's personal consultant on every piece of art they might be interested in--simply don't have that kind of time.  I hope you understand.  On the lautrec, you could contact Sotheby's if you are really serious about acquiring it.  Good luck.  Alan.

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