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Daniel, that was not a homework question.  I'm 36 years old, I work as a service advisor for Assael BMW in Monrovia, CA.  I was just impressed by the Getty experience and wanted to to know more.

next time you blow someone off, perhaps you should consider it a bit more.

but then again, you probably wont.

Tim Cheng

Dear Tim, I also have a profession and spend most of my day trying to make a living. I also give up an hour or two every day to help people with specific questions regarding a painting or an artist. I have done this pro bono for over three years. In some instances I have spent ten to twenty hours on one inquiry (for not one penny), because the person was sincere and I was one of very few people who could help them.
I do receive 4 or 5 rambling homework questions a week, some which would require me to respond with a thesis. I am sorry I offended you, but I must make choices to help people rather than engage in philosophical questions or general art talk.
Ironically, a few weeks ago, I sent a specific question to a botanist at allexperts, regarding a Sycamore tree I have. He responded: call your Forestry Dept. That was cold, but I understand that maybe he was working on other questions, and could not do them all (and he also receives no compensation).
If in the future you have any specific needs I would be pleased to help you. And don't let the Getty people know you called them "upstart" :-) . They are one of the great art research centers in the world. There purpose is not to have the greatest paintings, but the greatest archives.
best regards,

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35 years as a fine art dealer, including 3 years as a gallery director. Also was art expert for Leslie Hindman's Auctioneers, and for Dunning's Auction.

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