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I am thinking about buying a painting that shows Chamberlins charge down Little Roundtop at the battle of Gettysburg. The artist name is Norman Zozzarro or close to that spelling of the last name.The painting measures 38hx58l.The frame appears to date from 1880 to 1920's. Do you know of this artist? The painting is oil.

Dear Sharon, I can find no listing for a Norman Zozzarro. I did find a listing for a Frank Zozzora who was a painter and illustrator born in 1902 in Italy, and lived in Madison, WI. I have been an art dealer for 33 years, and I specialize in historical American paintings, with an emphasis on trans-Mississippi and Civil War. Most Civil War paintings were not painted during the Civil War, but mostly between 1880 and 1915. At that time "Little Roundtop" was not a well known aspect of Gettysburg. It would have been more likely for a subject such as "Cemetery Ridge", "Culp's Hill" or "Pickett's Charge". Also, Norman would be a very uncommon first name for a 19th century artist. My educated guess is that this is not an old painting, but may be in an old frame. Before you spend any substantial money, the seller should allow you to have a painting conservator examine it to determine its age. At least he should allow you to take some digital images of the front and back of the painting. If you can send jpg images to me I would be glad to give you my opinion. Keep the images rather small (80k or less) and send them to my email  Make the subject line allexperts so I do not bounce it as spam. Even if the painting is not as old as you believe, it may still be a desireable work.

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