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My further research in this area has led me to some differences in prints from this series. I have talked to a few different people and gotten information from a few different sources, but there doesn't seem to be much of a consensus. For clarity, I am talking about block signed prints (no hand signatures). So there are two different possible watermarks that also correspond to other differences in the prints. One is a 'B.F.K Rives' watermark in a script font and the other is 'B.F.K Rives France' in a block font. The script font is supposedly from the original woodblocks and the French printing from the 60's. The paper is a cream color and the torn edge is on the bottom. The block font supposedly corresponds to a different printing from a different set of woodblocks. The paper is white and the torn edge is on the right side. Also, I have seen evidence that the actual print is different, less colors and just doesn't look as good in general. Can you confirm or repudiate any of these claims? From what I have seen it really looks like the prints are from different woodblocks and on different paper (I have compared side by side pictures of both and a real print with a block watermark to a picture of one with a script watermark). The quality of the prints is clearly different. I would assume that the value is less and they would not be considered original prints if they are from lower quality, non-original woodblocks. Thanks.

Chris--according to info. in catalog raisonee and you can even find online sights that describe the Suite, ALL pieces were pulled at the 'same time' in the 60s.  I am not aware of a bogus series produced later from different woodblocks, but your description is compelling.  And your assumption is correct: they would not be considered original prints and the value would be less.  Frankly, I would call them 'fakes' and not pay more than $20 each.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  Good luck.  Alan Klevit.

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