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Hello again!! I really appreciate your quick response to my question. I have measured my painting and it is approximately 17"X30"and is in a very old gilded gold frame. I realize that you must stay very busy answering questions such as mine, but I am hoping you can eloborate on your answer, to assist me in learning more. For example: 1. Location of sale of 1990 painting. 2.Name of 1990 painting. 3.Date of birth and death of Mr. Oberhausen. 4. Oringinal source of his work the Roman Bath that sells on internet.5. Possible connection with the late romantic Richard Wagner who wrote the opera Tannhauser. Thank you again for your assistance and support, I live in a remote area of southwest Missouri, and have little resources to draw from other than the internet.  

Dear Jess, Accumulated over 33 years, I have a very extensive art reference library. I gave you all the information that could be found (even in dictionaries of German and Austrian artists). Sometimes there is just not much information on an artist who may not have been prolific, or not exhibited much, or perhaps short-lived. I can think of only one other possibility for information. There is a set of books called "Thieme-Becker"(German and Austrian artists). I do not have this, as it cost about $6,500. I suggest you contact the library of a major university or art museum. If they have Thieme-Becker, I am sure they would look for your artist.

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