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After I read your email I remebered I had saw the name Bruna Pecciarini and spent 3 hours looking for where I had seen the name.

Finally I ended up back at and sure enough found him.

This is the results and I am wondering what this does for our painting? Ours is much much larger than the one that sold. Does it help that he sold thru Christie's?

Thanks for all your work because of you we found it! I hope!

Now I wonder what style I call it & if it is worth getting appraised or worth selling?

If you would like payment for your help, let me know please. Shelby

 Auction results
PECCIARINI, Bruna (1926)

Title  Senza titolo  
Auction result  EUR 2,200
EUR 2,200 - USD 2,026 - GBP 1,390  Estimate  EUR 1,600 - 2,000  
Category   Painting    
Medium  Olio/tela  Date  21 May 2002  
Location  Milano (IT)  
Size  60x80 cm - ( 23 5/8x31 1/2 in)  
Auction house  Christie's  
Dated  1954  Lot number  88.  
Distinguishing marks  Sign. Date «Pecciarini» Bas droite  Reproduction  P. 36 of the catalogue PERSONAL RESEARCH  
Notes  -  

Dear Shelby, I am pleased I could help you. After assisting over a thousand people you are the first to offer a gratuity. I appreciate your consideration, but I do this pro bono. It is satisfying when I can help people, and it keeps my skills honed.
Regarding your painting, larger does not necessarily mean more valuable. When you get beyond 24 x 30 inches, size can be a negative as many people would not be willing to give up the wall space. I think you only need an appraisal if you want insurance coverage. As far as selling your painting, auction in Italy would bring the best price, but the risk and cost of shipping, customs, etc. makes it rather impractical. I think selling at auction in the U.S. would not have good results, as potential buyers would have a difficult time finding any information on the artist. I think best is to enjoy the painting or sell it privately or perhaps in an antique mall.
best regards,

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