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I'm trying to find the title of a painting by Zurbaran that my Mother saw several years ago. The subject is a sacrificial lamb on an altar. The lamb has a halo. The only place I've been able to locate it on the internet was on an amateur photo gallery and they called it Agnus Dei. I don't know if this is correct as I cannot find any other information. I believe it is an oil on canvas but cannot be certain. What my Mother saw was in Arkansas and she thought it was probably a reproduction. Thank you for any help you could offer.
Beth M.

Dear Beth, The sacrificial lamb by Zurbaran is titled "Tanquam Agnus." The painting is now in the San Diego (CA) Museum. If you can find a copy of the magazine "The Art Quarterly", 1947 it contains an article "A Zurbaran for San Diego."
There is a variation of this painting somewhere in Madrid, Spain.

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