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I have an old Alois Arnegger print [litho].  In the lower left hand corner is G.P. 10789.  I understand that the G.P. stands for Gallery Print.  What is a "gallery print"?  And why is it numbered? I thought "gallery prints" where not created to be sold.  Is this right?  Thank you for any help you can offer as the term "gallery print" seems to be applied to a number of things and I can't seem to pin down just exactly what that means in terms of prints, posters, lithograph publishing etc. - Ellen

How is it that you've come to the conclusion that G.P. stands for Gallery Print?  In many cases, notations like the one on your print are a printers mark or a notation from the publisher.  I'm not sure what companies/printers/publishers produced Arnegger prints, but I'm sure the answer to the G.P. initials lies within that company name.

Other than that, in the back of the printworld directory, where there are hundreds of abbreviations, only a couple that might fit the G.P. initials.  GP = Guarro Paper.  G/100 = Gallery Paper 100.  GPP = Gallery Print Paper.

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