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I'm trying to identify an oil painting of Venice, Italy done by the artist Gasparini.  This painting was done in the late 1800's and the only record I have on it is an insurance apprasial done in 1924.  I'd like to find out who this artist is and where I can find some other works of his.  

Dear Duncan,

I hope you are doing well. There are several Italian artists with the last name of Gasparini and without seeing the painting and signature I cannot be certain, but it sounds like you may have a painting by the late 19th Century Venetian painter; Luigi Gasparini (1865-?).

Venetian paintings are currently HOT, so any 19th Century Venetian painting of quality is desirable by collectors. If it is Luigi, it is icing on the cake. If you can send me a couple of photos of your painting including the full front, a close up of the brush strokes and a clear image of his signature, I will take a look and give an opinion on if it is by Luigi. You may email photos to:

You can also Google Luigi Gasparini and see if his paintings match the style of yours. I can then help with the signature if you give me your email address. If we decide it is probably Luigi, I can give you estimates on its value, but you will want to have it officially appraised for updating your insurance policy. I can also help you find a reputable resource for appraisel.

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