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I own an original casting of Ghiberti's bust from the "Gates of Paradise." It is mounted in a piece of flat, polished green marble. It was made when the Bearzi foundry cast the last set of doors for Trinity Lutheran Church in Hicksville, Long Island. After the casting Bruno Bearzi broke the molds and the foundry was closed. I have contacted the Art Institute in Chicago and a few other sources to try to determine the possible value of this piece. No one ever responds. Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Jane, This is far from my area of expertise, so I cannot give you any specific information. I assume what you have is a bronze casting. I have no idea if your piece is unique, or if there were several or many castings. If there were many castings made for commercial purposes then the people you contacted may have felt its insignificance did not deserve their time.
If you have documentation that what you have is of a limited or unique production I would suggest you contact dealers in bronze sculpture. They are often more helpful and at times more knowledgeable than museum people.
One museum I have personally found to be accomodating is the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore. They have a huge collection of antique metalwork and jewelry. I would contact the curator of Renaissance & Boroque Art. Good luck.

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