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    Hi.  I've been trying to find a piece of art by Graham Lavallin for about 12 years.  This piece is called "Rowboat in a Lake" and is a piece my wife has wanted for years.  The only information I've been able to find out about this has been from:

In that link it mentions this piece was sold at "Dunning's" in June 1992.  I've been trying to even find out where "Dunning's" is, to try to track this down.  If you could even tell me where Dunning's is, or a website/phone number I would appreciate it.  Ideally, I'd like to track down this "Graham Lavallin" and see if he made prints.  The one print we've seen is in Plattsburgh, NY, so we thought the artist is from near there, but aren't sure.  Thanks in advance!


Dear Brent, I do not research prints or artwork post-1940, but I can tell you about Dunnings. I started the art department and ran it two years for Dunnings Auction in Elgin, Illinois. Dunnings was sold to Butterfield and then closed. Bunte Auction now occupies the space and is owned by a former employee of Dunnings.

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