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We have a watercolor signed by H.C. Wolcott.  It is framed and is about 18X13.  I didn't remove it from the frame since it was in a rat/roach infested storage shed and I was concerned about damaging it.  The center of the picture is a horse drawn trolley and a huge tree proteced by about a five foot fence.  There a lady standing under it in a long blue dress with a blue hat.  There are other people including a peddler loading a hand pushed cart, a man on the sidewalk nicely dressed and carrying an umbrella, two ladies chatting in front of a market, a man in a tophat vest and bowtie talking to another man in what I guess to be a bowlertype hat holding a leash attached to a dog.  An american flag can be seen waving behind the tree top.  It has very nice homes in the background and a church spire behind them.  A horse drawn milk? wagon in going down the street in the distance.  It is a very pleasent picture of a time long ago.I know nothing about such things, but I think it is what is called impressionistic.
 I'm wondering the possible value it may have.  I would love to keep it but since we live in a motor home space is limited.  By the way,  the back looks as if it might be paneling maybe.
BG Lynch  

Dear BG, Harold C. Wolcott (1898-1977) was a New York and Connecticut artist. He was known for oil paintings and prints, but not for watercolors. What you have may be a print. Wolcott did portraits and landscapes with architectural elements. He is not in a big money category, oil paintings bringing a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Prints would have only decorative value.

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