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I am a retired lawyer.  Many years ago a senior member of our firm retired and gave me a Harrison Fisher drawing which used to hang in his office.  The subject is an extraordinary young woman whose beauty and elegance is captivating. I was forever coveting this piece of art and my dear associate realized that so he satisfied my fantasy when he left.  Mr. Fisher inscribed on the drawing, "To Betty Dark (or Daot, it is difficult to decipher) from your friend Harrison Fisher-August-3-1926".
The young woman had been a client of the law firm many years before I joined the organization. She gave the drawing to the then senior partner in the firm.
Any idea what it is worth?  I have no intention of selling, but it would be interesting to know its value.  Also, any suggestions as to locating the subject's family?  There are no surviving senior members of the firm who may have had some information.  Thanking you in advance, I await your answer.

Dear Matthew, If the drawing is pure charcoal it is worth under $1,500, if in mixed media (pastel, etc.)$2,000 to $3,000. If it was a magazine cover then considerably more. As far as the subject's family that would be genealogy, not my area.

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