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  I work at a Goodwill store and need some help. We received a donation at the store that I manage and I am not sure of the value..I am hoping it is worth some money as our donations all go to a great cause.
  It is a Henry Mosler painting. It looks original to me but of course I have no knowledge of this...the actual picture is 9"by12".it is matted with yellowed paper with a god stripe around the outer matting ther is somethnig hand written on the matting and a signature but I cannot make it out....directly under the picture is what looks like embossed writing thats says -copyrighted 1896-S Arlet-Edwards Williamsbridge.N.Y.
  On the back of the picture is a piece of paper taped to it.I cant make out some of it but what I can make out is 269(9or8) and the title Good. the rest of the numbers and the rest of the title are gone...under the title it says Painted by Henry Mosler     Engraved by Edwards.
If you could give me any information or give me a name of someone in my area that I could take it to for an appraisal I would appreciate it...
 I am located in Bradenton, Fl.
  Thank you very much
  Lynda Shipley

Dear Linda, Henry Mosler was a popular mid to late 19th century American painter. There were numerous prints made after his paintings. Most were sentimental genre scenes such as Civil War soldiers returning home. What you have is a print, which has only decorative value. Depending upon condition and desirability of the subject matter it could sell from $20 to $200.
Feel free to contact me, I would be pleased to help Goodwill, I check your website every once in while.

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