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I have a painting signed by V. Henry Lesur, aka Henry V. Lesur, and I have been able to find other works of his displayed online through Reh's Gallery, in New York.

My question is, how could I find out more about this artist other than the brief bio at that Gallery?  There is a family connection here, he apparently used to stay with my grandmother's family (Latreille or Piche) in France when he was short of funds, and left this painting as thanks/recompense for one of his visits.  This is not verified, but is what my great-aunt supposedly told my mother.

The frame is original, and the painting itself is no later than 1899, as my grandmother's family had emigrated to Canada by then.  The suject of the painting is a solitary female, in 18th century dress and wig, standing on the battlements of a chateau with a peaked tower behind her left shoulder. Behind all is landscape.  It is oil on canvas, about 3 feet tall and 20 inches wide, the top center of the painting continues to a domed shape about another 4 to 5 inches taller than the top corners of the painting.  It is not detailed to the same extent as the street scenes of his I have viewed, but it has made me curious about the artist, and where this painting might fit in with his works.  

I have no idea of value, the painting has not been cleaned since it arrived in Canada, I am sure, and with the dirt and whatnot appears dull compared to the colours of the other paintings I have viewed.

Anything you can tell me about the artist and this work would be sincerely appreciated.  

Dear Annette, I probably cannot add to the information you already have. Henri Victor Lesur (Fr.1863-1900)known as a genre painter, he studied under Francois Flameng. Lesur exhibited a the Salon of French Artists where he won a medal in 1887. He also won a medal at the Universal Exposition, Paris, 1900. His paintings are quite desireable and sell in the four and five figure area. Your painting sounds like an event from the French revolution, perhaps Marie Antoinette ?

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