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Mr Mooer,

I recently came into possession of a beautiful watercolor signed "Croft".  I've done a little research and came across an artist by the name of Lewis Scott Croft.  Online I can find examples of his work in oils, which were signed and closely resemble the name on mine.  Could you tell me if this might be the same person?  Did Lewis Croft work in watercolors?  Any information/direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.


Without having seen images of the piece, I can maybe point you in the right direction, and at the very least answer the question: is this the same person...
Maybe, but probably not.  Not having seen the piece, I would first suggest researching a few other artists w/ the last name of Croft who are better known for watercolors.  Their names include: Arthur Croft, Charles Croft or Marjorie Croft.  I'd do an image search (on google) on those names and compare them to your piece.

If there's anything else I can do, don't hesitate in letting me know.
Talk to you soon,

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